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LA Eats: Guisados


Of course a trip back home wouldn’t be complete without eating some tacos. Few people and couple websites pointed me to Guisados. They recently opened one in DTLA and lucky for me, I was there to check out the Big Gay Ice Cream LA shop.

I guess I should’ve done my homework before going to Guisados. Apparently, the better deal for first timers is to get the platter. It’s a platter of 6 small tacos which is great to get a feel of the place. Instead, I walked up to the counter and got a steak picado, chicken mole poblano, fish, and chicharron.

Let’s start with the not so great and meh. I did not like the chicharron (pork rinds simmered in chile verde) taco. When you think chicharron, you think crunchy and crispy. The chicharron at Guisados was soft because if I had done my homework again I would’ve known that they basically braise and simmer all their taco fillings. Slippery pork skin is not good eats to me. The pescado (grilled fish) taco was alright. I really think that, when it comes to fish tacos, the fish needs to be fried or else it sort of gets lost.

Oh man, but the steak picado and chicken mole poblano tacos were pretty darn good. Great flavors and texture, could’ve eaten 2 more of those.

The corn tortillas were tasty and thicker than the usual tortillas and I really liked that.

My sister told me that they have beef tendon tacos which I want to try, next time I’m home.

Guisados, locations in DTLA, Boyle Heights, and Echo Park Los Angeles

LA Eats: Ricky’s Fish Taco

Ricky's Fish Tacos
I’ve been wanting to check out Ricky’s Fish Tacos ever since I read about him on Dylan Ho’s blog few years ago. Though without a Twitter account, it was a little difficult to track him down, especially it takes about an hour to go to LA from my parents’ house. But finally he joined Twitter and I was able to see if he’ll be out on the street serving his delicious fish, shrimp and some times lobster tacos. So last October, while I was out in LA with the Big Gay Ice Cream guys, I drove to 1400 N. Virgil Ave in Los Feliz where Ricky was suppose to be. Sadly, after driving around the same corner a dozen times, I gave up and drove home.

This time, armed with my iPhone and Google Maps, I succeeded in locating him!


LA Eats: The Food Porn Edition


I just came back from a 2 week time off in LA and it was FREAKING wonderful. Though it wasn’t all play. The first week I spent it with these guys (yes I was doing work) and the second week was a total tv on the couch time.

Besides eating burgers from In-N-Out and mom’s cooking, most of the meals I had were from places I have never been before. Luckily everything I ate during my 2 weeks in LA was mighty delicious.

Check out what I ate after the jump…

Lonestar Taco

Lonestar Taco

Get your breakfast tacos at The New Amsterdam Market!

It’s been a long road for my friends at Lonestar Taco. Around June last year they had a preview party that showed off what they envisioned Lonestar Taco to be. Ever since then they have been doing events here and there but nothing really permanent.

So, finally when they announced that they will be one of the food vendors at The New Amsterdam Market, I was thrilled for them. Yes! I can finally get my breakfast tacos on. This past Sunday they had a tamarind pork belly special and when I heard “pork belly” I had to run down to try it out. It was super good and the pork belly was tender (thick slices too) and really love the tamarind flavor. I also had the chorizo and egg, which was just as delicious. There’s something really wonderful about eggs and tortilla eaten together.

Please head down to the market on Sundays and get yourself a taco (or three).


Lonestar Taco, A Taco Preview Party

Lone Star Taco
This past Saturday (perfect weather too!) our friends Wayne and Tracie previewed their taco menu for their hope-to-soon-open Tex-Mex taco place, Lonestar Taco. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon then hanging out with friends, eating tacos and drinking horchata?


Vendy Awards 2010

How time flies and once again the Vendy Awards is among us. Once again my pals Oleg Voss and Gene Voss of Schnitzel & Things and Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff of Big Gay Ice Cream were nominated for the Vendy Award and Best Dessert Award respectively. The Souvlaki Truck, which I have met recently, were nominated for Rookie of the Year.

Similar to last year I went as part of the Schnitzel crew but unlike last year I rode a ferry instead of the schnitzel mobile. This year the Vendy Awards took place at Governors Island. Now after what happened at the other lame food truck event I was afraid there would be similar problems, long lines everywhere. But of course being that it’s the 6th year of the Vendy these people running the event are professionals. There was never any crazy looooonnnggg lines though the line for Kelvin Slush was pretty incredible. Big Gay Ice Cream learned from last year and offered a tasting table that served different toppings than the truck to keep the line short. The Schnitzel crew, was once again, like a well oiled engine and just kept chugging along. They were fast and efficient.

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Oaxaca Taqueria On 4th Avenue

After getting some pie, Donny and I went to check out the relatively new bar Mission Dolores. We had the same problems with it that many others do: it was way too crowded and WAY too loud. After our friends Matt and Phaedra joined us for a drink, we moved next door to the beautiful and quiet Rock Shop, where we could actually relax. After a while we got hungry, so a couple of us ran across the street to Oaxaca Taqueria to get some takeout.

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