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LA Eats: Ricky’s Fish Taco

Ricky's Fish Tacos
I’ve been wanting to check out Ricky’s Fish Tacos ever since I read about him on Dylan Ho’s blog few years ago. Though without a Twitter account, it was a little difficult to track him down, especially it takes about an hour to go to LA from my parents’ house. But finally he joined Twitter and I was able to see if he’ll be out on the street serving his delicious fish, shrimp and some times lobster tacos. So last October, while I was out in LA with the Big Gay Ice Cream guys, I drove to 1400 N. Virgil Ave in Los Feliz where Ricky was suppose to be. Sadly, after driving around the same corner a dozen times, I gave up and drove home.

This time, armed with my iPhone and Google Maps, I succeeded in locating him!


Vendy Awards 2013

Vendy Awards 2013

It’s Vendy Awards 2013! Once again, we showed our support and appreciation to the hard working street food vendors by over stuffing ourselves. This year the Vendy Awards took place at Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. It may had been one of the coolest and weirdest place I’ve been to for an event. Though compare to Governors Island, Industry City had more space and didn’t require taking the ferry across (I walked home afterwards, so close!).

So it seems the Red Hook vendors are on a roll. For the 3rd year in a row, the top prize went to a Red Hook vendor. The El Olomega (@elolomega), one of the more popular Red Hook trucks, won the judges over with their delicious pupusas. Hm…..pupusas.

Luke’s Lobster took People’s Choice, Nuchas took Rookie of the Year, Home by the Range took the Tide award for Most Messy Yet Tasty plus the award for Best Jersey vendor, Best of Market Vendor went to Khao Man Gai NY and Best Dessert went to Itizy Ice Cream.

Check out some photos from this year’s Vendy Awards.

Choice Streets 2013

Choice Streets 2013

One of my favorite food events I attended last year was Village Voice’s Choice Streets. Obviously one of the thing I liked about it was the location. It was held at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. It was also one of the most causal food events I’ve been to. So of course this year I had to go back. While the format was the same, there were few things that were different from last year that, in a way, made this year a little less fun (just a little) but overall I still had a good time.

For some unknown reasons, few of the trucks didn’t show up and they may had sold more tickets than last year because the lines! There were few times where I just stood in a line for half an hour. And by 8:30p some of the trucks had ran out of food already which then added extra pressure on other trucks to continue.

Here are some bites I managed to get….


Vegetarian Taiwan: Stinky Tofu

In February I went to Taiwan for a week, and had an amazing time. Because it was the week of the Lunar New Year, many restaurants (particularly the vegetarian ones) were closed. Luckily, Taiwan has a vibrant street food culture. On my first day I stopped by a road-side stand around the corner from the City God Temple for a taste of Taiwan’s signature dish: chou doufu, aka stinky tofu. Yes, that’s really what it’s called. It’s tofu, left to ferment, until it develops its signature aroma: a mix of rotting garbage and unpleasant bodily odors.

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Viva La Comida! Take A Trip To Queens This Friday

Roosevelt Ave

Want to experience the greatest torta ever? Well then, go to Queens this Friday between 4p and 9p at the Dunningham Triangle (that’s 82nd Street and Baxter Ave.)

There’s so much cool things to do and to eat in Queens, I’m quite sad that I don’t get out there as often as I want. But this Friday is Viva La Comida!, a festival created by the 82nd Street Partnership. Recently the partnership renovated the Dunningham Triangle and to celebrate they created this festival. There will be tons of stuff to see and do. My friend, Jeff Orlick a Queens street food expert, was asked to come up with a list of food vendors for the festival. Besides Tortas Neza, there will also be The Arepa Lady (she makes INCREDIBLE arepas and she will be the first vendor I’m going to hit up), Patacon Pisao, The Chipper Truck, Morocho, Tacos la Familia, El Coyote Dormilon and many more!

How to get there? Take the subway (E, F, M, or R) to Jackson Heights or the 7 to 82nd St.

For more info about this Friday’s Viva La Comida!, check out the Facebook page and for more info about the 82nd Street Partnership, check out their site.

FiDi Food Cart Tour With Turnstile Tours

Adel's #1 Halal

Tomorrow is the 8th annual Vendy Awards (3rd year at Governors Island). The Vendy Awards may just be one of my favorite events to attend. I missed out last year but I’m pretty damn excited for this year since many of my favorite trucks/vendors are nominated for an award this year (Uncle Gussy’s, Torta Neza, The Cinnamon Snail, Piaztlan Authentic Mexican Food, Melt Bakery).

Another person that I know is a big fan/supporter of street food is my friend, Brian Hoffman aka Eat This NY. He’s such a big supporter of street food, he even gives food cart tours in the Financial District and Midtown (along with his fellow tour guides from Turnstile Tours). I thought it would be the best time to take one of their tours before the Vendy Awards. I have heard many good things and Blondie from Blondie and Brownie went on his tour last Wednesday and had a blast.


One Night On Roosevelt Ave

Roosevelt Ave

Here’s something I’ve been WANTING to do but never got the chance (more like me being lazy) and finally doing it (YES). You may not know this but I’m helping out Blondie and Brownie with their cookbook as a photographer along with Ultraclay. They’re writing about the New York City street food scene and one of the must-not-forget-and-missed food street is Roosevelt Ave in Queens. All along Roosevelt Ave, it runs directly underneath the 7 train, from the 111th St stop on the 7 train to the 74th St stop and beyond, you’ll find the most delicious food trucks/carts serving tortas, tacos, tamales, esquites, fried fish, pork with rice and beans and many things I’m not too familiar with. Even if there weren’t any trucks or carts, you’ll find so many good looking restaurants along that street that may make you think about moving there just to eat at all the restaurants.

So couple weeks ago Blondie, Ultraclay and I were joined by Jeff Orlick (actually I think we kidnapped him when he was having dinner with his family?) where he took us around and explored Roosevelt Ave in search of good food. Jeff is an expert of everything Roosevelt Ave and gives midnight food tours along the avenue. So yeah we were in pretty damn good hands. We walked from 111th St down to 74th St and ate..explored along the way.