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Pizza At Houdini Kitchen Laboratory


Ridgewood is an interesting neighborhood. Technically in Queens, it’s right on the border of where Queens and Brooklyn meet. I was last there for Bun-Ker, which is hard to get to by train. Much easier is Houdini Kitchen Laboratory, a new pizza place that’s been getting a lot of buzz on all the food blogs lately. I stopped by on a weekday for lunch, and found the place tucked away next to a loading dock. They have a really beautiful, airy and open dining room, as well as an outdoor patio. I sat on the patio, with a view of that loading dock, and I ordered the Margherita. You may have noticed that the pizza crust has none of the char that I love so much. Instead, the crust is flatter and more like a regular pizza-shop pizza. The pie was still good; a little wet in the center, like a traditional Neapolitan pizza, with a nice balance of sauce and cheese. The sauce could have used a little more salt, but after eating the first slice I doused the rest of the pie in some of the chile oil provided on the table and that helped some too. While I enjoyed the pizza at Houdini, I wouldn’t call the Margherita destination-worthy. If I lived in the neighborhood I’d probably be there pretty often, but I have better, closer options right here.

Houdini Kitchen Laboratory — 1563 Decatur St, Ridgewood

Prince St. Pizza Is Worth The Trek To SoHo

Prince St Pizza

Happy Friday! I suggest leaving work early and head straight down to SoHo for a slice of this incredibly deliciousness at Prince St. Pizza. A Paulie Gee approved pizza joint, it is situated in the heart of SoHo. If you have live in NY long enough, you’ll probably wonder…..a great slice joint in SoHo?! Yes! The corner slice, $3.95, that I got (the Spicy Spring) had a nice crispy bottom and gooey top. The crust was chewy and light and who can say no to those cute looking slices of pepperoni.

Also, I love the corner slice. Are you a fan of the corner slice, if so…we’re best buds!

A great way to start the weekend.

Prince St. Pizza 27 Prince St, SoHo



The idea of gluten free has been around for a long time now but I’m still quite not 100% sure what gluten free really means. Is it just no flour? What else has gluten in it? So when an invite to attend dinner at Wild, a gluten free restaurant in Williamsburg, I decided to go. I was curious about gluten free and was hoping to learn something.

We were treated to two gluten free pizzas, the Wild Mushroom Truffle pizza with ricotta and arugula and the Wild White pizza with mozzarella, ricotta, truffle oil and cracked pepper. There were also the house salad with beets, tomatoes, artichokes, and goat cheese, pan seared salmon, wild chicken parm, gluten free penne pomodoro, and couple bites of desserts.

I love that there is a gluten free centric restaurant for people that are allergic to gluten, a place to dine out. But this place isn’t for me. I felt bad as I was eating the pizza because the entire time I was thinking about the slice of non-gluten free pizza I was going to eat when I get home. Am I bad? The flavors were there on the topping, I especially liked the white pie but I just love a good pizza crust way too much to give it up. There were hits and misses for the rest of the menu. The penne was over cooked but nice sauce and the chicken parm was pretty good.

Overall it was a fun night and I got to try some gluten free stuff but I just don’t think I’ll give up gluten anytime soon.

Wild, 340 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg Brooklyn

L&B Spumoni Gardens

L&B Spumoni Gardens

Can’t believe last time I took a trek out to Gravesend was in 2010, when Howard and I ate at L&B and Totonno’s.

You think after eating a bowl of pho, just 30mins before, that I wouldn’t be able to eat pizza. Nope. While on the way home I regretted not getting 3 slices at L&B. I loved their square slices back in 2010 and I still do in 2014. Howard wasn’t a big fan of the thick crust but that’s actually what I like about this. Thick, crispy bottom, sweet and slightly tart tomato sauce, and outdoor seating. Next time for me, 3 slices ($2.50 each slice) all corners it’s the way to go.

L&B Spumoni Gardens – 2725 86th St, Gravesend Brooklyn

Milkflower In Astoria

kale pizza

Fior di latte is the poetic Italian name for fresh mozzarella; its literal translation is “flower of milk,” from which Milkflower in Astoria takes its name. Tee vibe of the place is very much in the same vein as Brooklyn’s more popular neo-Neapolitan pizza joints. And even though I normally get a margherita to judge a new pizza place, when I met my friends Jess & Garrett at Milkflower for dinner recently I wasn’t in the mood for one. So instead I got the kale pizza, with tomato, crispy kale, lemon juice, and breadcrumbs. The kale was nicely crisp, though the balance of ingredients wasn’t quite right — a little too acidic, with nothing to temper it. And the crust was just a pinch of salt away from being truly great. I have… very high standards for pizza. In retrospect I can’t help but wonder about the margherita, and the fresh mozzarella that tops it. I guess it’s time for another visit.

Milkflower — 34-12 31st Avenue, Queens

Hellified Porkpie White Pizza From Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee's

Long time ago, I thought it was CRAZY to eat a white pie. My first white pie experience was when someone ordered a whole white pie from Lombardi’s and while I thought it was good, it was just a bit too heavy for me. I pretty much stuck with tomato based pies………..until Paulie Gee’s arrived. Paulie showed me that white pies can be beautiful and it is beautiful. Like the Hellified Porkpie White pizza which has fresh mozzarella, Berkshire sopressata piccante, sweet Italian fennel sausage, sliced red onion, garlic, basil and Mike’s Hot Honey. It’s like second nature now, every time I head to Paulie Gee’s, to order a white pie.

Of course this pizza has everything…EVERYTHING that I love, fennel sausage, red onion and Mike’s Hot Honey. Hmmmmmmmm hot honey. The pizza on the left is the Ricotta Be Kiddin’ Me (fresh mozzarella, Canadian bacon, sweet Italian fennel sausage, basil and post-oven fresh ricotta dollops), another winner in my book.

- Paulie Gee’s 60 Greenpoint Ave, Greenpoint Brooklyn

I Still Don’t Get Motorino


I know Donny will disagree with me, but I never got the love for Motorino. I ate at their old Williamsburg location a few times, and I never thought the pizza was that great. I had never been to their East Village location, but last month I finally made the trip for their $12 prix fixe lunch, which includes a salad and one of four different pies. I got the margherita, to see if my opinion of their pizza had changed in the past few years.

Now look, it’s not that the pizza is bad. It’s definitely better than the average slice. My biggest problem is with the crust, which is light and airy and slightly sweet. I understand that those things might not sound bad, but I like my crust with more of a chew. The airiness of the crust means that the crust becomes almost a non-entity in the pizza equation, which is a problem for me. My ideal pizza is one that strikes the perfect balance between the crust, the sauce, and the cheese. If you like Motorino I’m very happy for you, but I’ll stick with my current faves: Roberta’s and Paulie Gee’s.

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Motorino (East Village) — 349 East 12th St