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Birthday Dinner At Louro

artichoke salad

I first met chef Dave Santos after eating at a vegetarian City Grit dinner he cooked. I ended up meeting with him at his Roosevelt Island home, where he was hosting Um Segredo — a secret supper club. Next he invited me to be a guest at one of those Um Segredo dinners, this time in Brooklyn. At that time he mentioned he was working on opening his own restaurant, focused mainly on small plates and where he could explore the cuisine of his Portuguese heritage, made with seasonal ingredients. That place turned out to be Louro, and my friends joined me there for my birthday last month.

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The Commodore

The Commodore

I can’t think of a better way to spend your summer than drinking and eating a plate of fried chicken. At The Commodore in Williamsburg, a divey bar with a little bit of retro-ness in it, you can get both and other delicious things.

The fried chicken, a plate of 3 perfectly fried and seasoned…juicy chicken thighs, served with 3 biscuits, honey butter and hot sauces, easily made it to my “awesome fried chicken” list. My friends called me crazy but I smeared some honey butter on the chicken and I recommend you do the same. Wow wow wow! We also shared the Hot Fish sandwich, which was waaaay to spicy for me but good thing I ordered a frozen pina colada (aka The Commodore) to cool my mouth down. While unlike other fried chicken places that serve thigh, drumstick, wing and a side combination, I definitely can go with The Commodore’s all thighs and nothing else version. Honestly, the thigh is the best part. (Can someone explain to me why people love white meat?)

So go to The Commodore, order plates and plates of fried chicken (from the bartender), sit yourself down in the backyard patio area and sip some rum punch or frozen pina colada.

- The Commodore 366 Metropolitan Ave (corner of Metropolitan and Havemeyer St)

Lunch At Potlikker


Recently Potlikker in Williamsburg started serving lunch on Thursdays and Fridays. I decided to check it out because 1) I love eating during lunch time more than dinner time 2) they have a fried chicken sandwich!

The fried chicken was lightly breaded and fried and it came with a layer of goat cheese and hot pepper jelly ($12). This sandwich was simple, delicious and spicy. I’m usually not a fan of goat cheese but there was just enough for me to tolerate it and it did help cool down the spiciness of the hot pepper jelly. Also my lunch came with a bowl of curly fries. Curly fries will always be cooler than regular fries but waffle fries still trump all.

Oh and a pint of Left Hand Milk Stout was a great way to wash everything down.

- Potlikker 338 Bedford Ave (between S. 2nd St and S. 3rd St) Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Reynards With Friends


This is usually what happens when I eat out with my friends. Fingers pointing at the food. And they usually like to keep pointing until I snap a photo. Sometimes we have a battle on which of us will give in first, like a staring contest.

Last week we went to check out Reynards (and The Ides bar while we were waiting for out table) at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. Being part of the Diner, Marlow and Sons…empire, the food was great and I may have had the most delicious Dark and Stormy ever. The night included pitchers of wine, perfectly cooked octopus and a comforting chicken dish.


Food Revolution Day 2013

Soft Shell Crab w/ kale and spring garlic

So today is Food Revolution Day! It’s the day where you take back your food from giant faceless corporations and cook it yourself. Yep, cook it yourself. Learn something new today. Learn about a new ingredient or a new method of cooking. If you’re an expert, go teach somebody something. Share your knowledge and information. Or go out and support the small mom and pop shop where they’re doing things the good and right way.

In honor of Food Revolution Day 2013, here’s a list of recipes that we like and hopefully you’ll like also!

Guess what?! Perfect timing, it’s soft shell crab season. Go get some and cook this recipe.

Thanks to Jamie Oliver, I’m in love with harissa.

Also thanks to Jamie Oliver, I can now make flatbreads with my eyes closed.

The lobster roll is like the perfect summer food, so here’s Howard’s vegan version.

Here’s an easy tomato gratin.

Speaking of tomato, here’s my quick and easy recipe for tomato and egg over rice.

My mom’s chicken wings and potatoes with coconut milk is my MOST FAVORITE dish ever.

Check out our video on making a 30 Second Vinaigrette.

Cauliflower and apple make a great combination in this bread pudding recipe.

Ah….here’s my Pad Thai sauce recipe plus few different ways to use it.

If you find fiddlehead ferns at the greenmarket, buy some and try this recipe.

Market Watch: Asparagus

Because of the asparagus allergy I developed a few years ago, all I can do is stare wistfully at asparagus when it appears every spring at the farmer’s market. This time of year is especially hard — you can find all different sizes of asparagus; pencil thin or thick and crunchy. This would be a good time of year for Donny’s proposed 11-course asparagus dinner.

Choice Streets 2013

Choice Streets 2013

One of my favorite food events I attended last year was Village Voice’s Choice Streets. Obviously one of the thing I liked about it was the location. It was held at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. It was also one of the most causal food events I’ve been to. So of course this year I had to go back. While the format was the same, there were few things that were different from last year that, in a way, made this year a little less fun (just a little) but overall I still had a good time.

For some unknown reasons, few of the trucks didn’t show up and they may had sold more tickets than last year because the lines! There were few times where I just stood in a line for half an hour. And by 8:30p some of the trucks had ran out of food already which then added extra pressure on other trucks to continue.

Here are some bites I managed to get….