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“Just Me With A Meat Slicer”: A Farewell To Beer Table (As We Know It)

This piece was written on 4/25/2013. On 4/27 we visited Beer Table on their last night, where a patron made an impromptu toast to the owners and I drank a beer called Gypsy Tears.

On April 27th, 2013, Beer Table in Park Slope will serve its last beer after five years. The small bar and restaurant was well-known for its incredible beer selection; in addition to a few drafts and casks, the bottled beer menu contained hundreds of options from brewers all over the world, with bottles that cost anywhere from $8 to a select few over $100. This was not the kind of place to chug pitchers of beer; Beer Table was a place to actually drink beer, and to discover new ones. The sign on the door says they need a bigger space – and a bigger kitchen. Justin Philips, one of the owners, says that serving food was always his first priority.

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Weekday Brunch At Allswell

Lunch Allswell

I like brunch but hate the crowd and the wait time, so it’s a good thing Allswell does weekday brunch. Unlike their dinner menu, which changes daily, their brunch pretty much stays the same. There’s something wonderful about leisurely strolling into a restaurant, sit down and leisurely eat your lunch and maybe drink three cocktails (which I did).

The biscuits with sausage gravy and fried eggs was excellent. I usually tend to stay away from biscuits and gravy because I’m afraid it’ll get too heavy in my stomach. But Allswell does it really good and it was quite light. I think I needed an extra biscuit to mop up ALL the gravy.

Lunch Allswell
I even got to taste their housemade chicken dogs which they serve during their late night hours. This made a perfect late night snacks, wash it down with a pint!

- Allswell 124 Bedford Ave. Williamsburg

Smorgasburg 2013

Smorgasburg 2013

The weather warmed up just in time for the start of a new season of Smorgasburg, an outdoor food vendor market. Every new season, there are always new vendors popping up. This past Saturday, I tried two of the new vendors and visited a Smorgasburg/Brooklyn Flea regular.


Soft Shell Crab With Kale And Spring Garlic

Soft Shell Crab w/ kale and spring garlic

I love soft shell crab and hate regular crab. It takes too much work for that little bit of meat so if I can eat the whole thing, I’m going to like it more. Yes, I’m lazy. It is also the reason why I don’t like eating that shrimp dish where they simply boil the shrimp. And you have to peel the shrimp and dip it in soy sauce. Too much work. Though I love the salt and pepper shrimp. Deep fried goodness that I can just eat it with shell and all.

I’ve been wanting to cook soft shell crab myself but it just never happened until I was inspired by Sarah Simmons of City Grit, when she made THIS.

This dish was quite simple to make. Three main ingredients. Crab, kale and spring garlic. In a pan I sauteed the kale and spring garlic with a dash of red chili flakes (and salt and pepper to taste). While the veggies were cooking, I seasoned some flour, dunked the crab in the beaten egg and drenched it in the flour. In another pan, on high heat, I added oil and a knob of butter. I fried the crab in the oil and butter mixture til golden on both sides. For an extra kick, I sprinkled more red chili flakes onto the dish.

Fried Egg And Flatbread

Fried egg and flatbread

So on a lovely Saturday afternoon with the food TED talks playing in the background on the Netflix, I made a bunch of flatbreads (I ended eating all of them). This was inspired by watching Jamie Oliver’s TED talk from 2 years ago.

Few months ago I saw a clip of Jamie Oliver and Levi Roots making jerk chicken. Jamie Oliver made a simple flatbread to go with the jerk chicken. It looked so easy that I actually thought about making it. Of course I didn’t actually make it till just few days ago. So here’s the thing, for my flatbreads I used regular old all purpose flour and instead of yogurt (in the recipe) I used buttermilk since that was what I had. And instead of jalapenos I sliced up some pickled serrano peppers. Okay, even though I TOTALLY didn’t use the same ingredients, it came out pretty darn good. Especially with a fried egg on top.

Sea Bean Goods

Rabbit stew

This past Saturday was the return of Smorgasburg or the return of me seeing a bunch of my friends every Saturday. One of those friends is Sea Bean Goods. I met Nicole and Brian of Sea Bean Goods on the very 1st day of Smorgasburg last year…oh my how they have grown those cool kids. If you’re not familiar with them, they make small batches of soups in Greenpoint and they’re freakin delicious.

On opening day of Smorgasburg year 2, they had a rabbit stew and a carrot apple soup (perfect for Easter weekend). Obviously I got a cup of the rabbit stew and oh dude it was great! The perfect thing to have on a cool windy day.

If you want soup but too lazy to go to Smorgasburg or Paulie Gee’s, they deliver also! Few months ago they started their soup subscription service where you can get delicious soup delivered to you.

Check out my behind the scenes photos of Sea Bean Goods from last year on my photo project, Foodaissance.

Whirlybird Breakfast Taco And Coffee


So I’m on a breakfast taco sort of kick at the moment and then when I randomly found out (seriously..it was only couple days ago and I already forgotten where I heard about it) about a place in South Williamsburg that serves JUST breakfast tacos and coffee. PEOPLE!! BREAKFAST TACOS AND COFFEE!!

Whirlybird on S. 2nd between Roebling St & Havemeyer St is tiny shop. It has 2 counters…or enough seats for 8 people. When I was there someone was spinning vinyl records and the atmosphere was chill. For $3.50 I got a taco with eggs, oxaca cheese, salsa, and for $1 I added chorizo (OH and it was topped with pieces of chips for extra crunch). WOO! Oh..dude was this taco good. Even though they only used 1 tortilla, it held up the filling. This was eggy, spicy, messy and I washed it all down with an iced coffee.

- Whirlybird, S. 2nd between Roebling St & Havemeyer St. Williamsburg