Market Watch: Get Freekeh

I’ve been eating a lot of whole grains lately, so when I saw that Cayuga Organics was selling freekeh I decided to ask about it. It’s similar to wheat berries, but the freekeh is harvested when the berries are green and unripe, then roasted. Because it is unripe, the man who sold it to me said that might require a little more soaking and a little more cooking than wheat berries. I’m looking for a few good recipes — do you have any?

  • I thought I could do whole grain, but I just got severe indigestion from brown rice. :*(

    Check this page out –

  • Cathernine

    Our Whole Foods in New Jersey carries a freekeh salad and they also carry a brand called Freekehlicious. I went to their site ( and found some great recipes. I love it as a breakfast cereal but I add it to all my vegetables. You can’t go wrong!

  • @Catherine – i cooked it in my rice cooker, 1 cup of freekeh with 2 1/14 cup of water. super easy and delicious.