Market Watch: Camembert from Ronnybrook Farm

I had high hopes for the Greenmarket this morning, in part because I haven’t been in a while and in part because of the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having. Unfortunately there was the usual mid-winter mix of root vegetables and hearty greens. I stopped by the Ronnybrook Farm booth for some butter, saw a small stack of this Camembert cheese, and impulsively bought it. Then I went to the next booth over and got myself a baguette. I brought both home and had myself one hell of a mid-winter breakfast.

  • Someone in our household despises the smell of camembert. It makes the other member very, very sad to not have it around.

  • you can tell that “someone” (whomever it may be) that the camembert i picked up had no strong aroma, just a wonderful flavor.