Lunch At Kefi With My Folks

When my folks came into the city last week, we took a trip to the American Museum of Natural History, which I had never been to (hey, I grew up with the Smithsonian museums less than 20 minutes away). Of course it fell to me to pick a place for lunch, and I settled on Kefi, only five short blocks away from the museum. Kefi’s lunch menu is relatively short, and they helpfully mark the vegetarian options for people like me. We got an order of Greek Spreads, advertised as enough for two but more than enough for three — but only enough pita bread for one. I got the enormous Chickpea, Eggplant, and Bulgur Fritter sandwich, served in a wrap like a gyro. The fritters were much softer than I expected, with no crispy outer shell, but they were very flavorful. Even better was the lemony yogurt sauce that dressed the wrap. Unfortunately the Greek salad on the side was not so fresh tasting, and the potato chips were merely mediocre. I’d go back to Kefi for dinner, but only if I was already on the Upper West Side.

Kefi — 505 Columbus Ave

  • Brodsky Organization

    We are constantly on the Upper West Side. We’re willing to take a chance on Kefi. The food at least looks pretty good. What did your parents think of their meal?