Longan Sorbet at Sky Ice

Regular readers may recall my love of longans, a fruit which I first tasted during my trip to Vietnam. On a recent summer night Donny and I sought out Sky Ice, a Thai ice cream shop here in Park Slope. Donny sampled several varieties (including durian) before settling on Thai Iced Tea ice cream, but I zeroed in on the longan sorbet almost immediately. Although the texture was a little crumbly, there was no mistaking the pure and delicious flavor of fresh longans, albeit in sorbet form. Next time I’m gonna go for the mangosteen.

Sky Ice — 63 5th Ave, Brooklyn

  • kim

    There’s not enough ‘fat’ in this dessert. How intense was the durian ice cream? I think once you got the ice cream base, the sky is the limit.

  • @kim – true, no fat in the sorbet. i didn’t try the durian, though i was tempted. donny said that it tasted like it smelled.

  • Donny

    i dare both of you to try the durian ice cream. i’ll pay! =)

  • it’s a deal.

  • kim

    Are you daring me too, Donny? It’s not my favorite fruit, but I ate them when I visited Hong Kong. :)

  • Donny

    Haha yes daring both of you

  • btw, i ate durian ice cream while in vietnam.

  • Hah, I live a block away from there. Their savory food’s not bad either, though it’s a little odd to be enjoying Thai food in an ice cream parlor. We tried some of their “wackier” ice creams – the Vegetable (avocado, yam, broccoli) and Black Sesame Seaweed (surprisingly good, and gets better with each bite). Didn’t try any of their lettuce cup or sushi roll presentations….yet.

  • Donny

    i tried the durian, not bad.