Jamie At Home: Pork Neck Fillet

Pork neck fillet
Pork neck fillet. Supposedly it’s one of the cheaper cuts of pork that you can get, definitely underused. Though when I bought 2lbs worth of pork neck fillet, an inch thick from The Meat Hook I got 3 big pieces for about $13. Yes for $13 you can probably get a lot of pork chops but damn these are a total different monsters. At fancy dim sum places you can get a plate of roast pork neck fillets which are 1000x better than regular old roast pork. They’re tender and not too lean or fatty. What makes these babies so good is that there are enough fat inside the fillets to keep them juicy.

Jamie Oliver has a quick and simple recipe for cooking a pork neck fillet here. All you need are sage, lemon, garlic, oil, salt and pepper. I didn’t really follow his recipe instead I cooked the fillet with just salt and pepper. I really wanted to taste how it suppose to taste like first. But I did follow his rule on cooking each side of the fillet for 2mins for a total of 8mins. Man did it come out just peeeerfect. That night I also made some pasta but I just couldn’t wait to try the pork. I cut a piece and popped it into my mouth. It was unbelievable IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD! The fat inside the fillet really kept it nice and tender. I like to credit the awesome pork I got from The Meat Hook guys and also me for seasoning it correctly. Pork neck fillet is now my new bff!