Free Stuff: POM Wonderful

Although we get most of our free stuff from FoodBuzz, we got an email a few weeks ago from the fine foods at POM, purveyors of pomegranate juice. Being a big fan of pomegranate I eagerly accepted their offer. I thought I’d be getting a bottle or two, but they sent a whole case — eight bottles! I already blogged about using the juice in a reduction, but what about the juice itself? POM is very good, with a deep flavor that mostother juices don’t have. I do, however, they intentionally toned down the tartness of the fruit, which is my favorite aspect of it. Of course it wouldn’t be easy to get this much juice out of pomegranates, so this is a great substitute for doing it yourself.

  • you can use the juice to make cocktails too or make a quick soda by mixing with some club soda.

  • @kim — good thinking! luckily i have one bottle of juice left, and a few bottles of vodka…