Galletas Trias

My friends Jeff & Eva brought back these awesome cookies from Barcelona, made by Trias. This family owned business has been making almond cookies in Spain for 100 years now (2008 was their centennial year). The Llauna Sagrada Familia assortment I got featured four different cookies: Teula, the original almond biscuit; Crocant, almond slices in crunchy nougat; Pralinet, the Crocant in a thin wafer shell; and Neulet, a wafer tube filled with flavored cream. All of them delicious. Thanks Jeff & Eva!

  • Jeff

    Glad you enjoyed them!

  • I love these biscuits! I think the pralinet is my favourite of the lot. Love that almond crunch.

  • Donny

    are you going to share? hhhmmmmm??