“Chopped”: Food Network Nighttime Folds in on Itself, Implodes

I watched the premiere of “Chopped” on Food Network last night, and like most people I didn’t like it much. I was actually most struck by the seeming omnipresence of Ted Allen on Food Network when “Chopped” went to commercial and the first ad was for Ted Allen’s “Food Detectives.” Is he on the verge of becoming the next Rachael Ray? Let’s hope not. The very next commercial was for Guy Fieri’s “Ultimate Recipe Showdown” which looks like the same kind of show as “Chopped.” Of course there’s also “Iron Chef America,” to complete the trifecta of cooking competition shows. Is there any truly original programming to be found on Food Network these days? Between Ted’s forced, somber pronunciation of “You’ve been chopped” and the unnecessary recap of the show about two-thirds of the way through, I don’t foresee much of a future for the “Chopped.” The only thing I really liked about it was the contestant Chef Sandy, who worked more slowly and methodically than the other competitors, and (SPOILER!) ended up walking away with the $10,000 prize, much to his surprise.

  • Donny

    Much to MY surprise also. D.Wang worked on this show.

  • did i miss helmet guy on a can or a box?

  • Donny

    can i spoil the show by saying what the ingredient is? whatev… cereal box

  • Shane

    Really????!!!! Thats all i can say about episode #85 i cant believe these guys are chefs, and how they twist their on rules, what a bunch of DB’s. So you can make incomplete meals and win? What a joke its staged as bad as wrestling on tv.

  • Dbartle

    Why is it that men alway win on Chopped? Judges can say the same thing about
    the dishes, but the female chefs always get chopped.

  • @Dbartle – yet another reason not to watch the show.

  • dollmaker529

    i do not like alex, she is bias, and the men agree with herbecause they out number her,no one in my family will watchher show or go to her restaurant

  • adi

    why are the judges interested in the contestants personal lives? this is not a show for sob stories, this is a food show! contestants need to realise theyre not going to win with sob stories.

  • glenda

    I watch several food competitions such as Cupcake Wars and Worst Cook–NOBODY sweats all over the food like they do on Chopped–I don’t know how those judges can eat that food after they see those chefs dripping perspiration into the food!!! BTW, I no longer watch Chopped–just got too sickening!

  • kingchef

    Hate those pompous ass judges. Why not have an episode where the judges cook. Bet they won’t even complete half of what the contestants do. They should have judges that have been in cooking contest eg. Iron Chef. Another thing, no one, that’s one person can complete a dish well with the ingredients that they’re presented. BS show.

  • Tracy

    Chopped is a crock! I watched ” a guts reaction” and saw the “judges” crown an undeserving winner…again. She cried, she won. Even though her duck was inedible they passed her while the obviously better chef was chopped.

    Chopped is a crock of crap. Judges are biased and lately don’t try to hide it. Well.

    Sad how they always want to pass the female cryer. Really the show has no credibility now.

    Let’s move on to something new where contestants are judged fairly.

  • Roberta

    Enough of chopped! It’s been on forever and me and husband are sick of it!!! Please put on unwrapped again. It was the best show and it hasn’t been been on for a long time! Roberta

  • donfield

    lol at all of you morons

  • DJ

    “I don’t foresee much of a future for the Chopped.” I guess you need a new crystal ball because the show has been on for four years now.

  • @DJ — you’re right, i got that one wrong. “chopped” is a terrible show, but it’s still on the air.