“Just Me With A Meat Slicer”: A Farewell To Beer Table (As We Know It)

This piece was written on 4/25/2013. On 4/27 we visited Beer Table on their last night, where a patron made an impromptu toast to the owners and I drank a beer called Gypsy Tears. On April 27th, 2013, Beer Table in Park Slope will serve its last beer after five years. The small bar and restaurant was…Read More

Punjabi Deli Is The Quintessential New York Restaurant

Think about a restaurant that can be described by the following: it services people from all different backgrounds, including cab drivers. It’s cheap enough that pretty much anyone can afford it. It’s completely free of any pretentions and food trends. And the food is delicious. Doesn’t all of that sound great? The other day while…Read More